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Stack has a strong track record of success that has been achieved through the in-depth expertise in key sectors like education, lifestyle, travel, CSR, consumer lifestyle and others. Our team is very passionate and relentless in planning and execution.


The education model has been facing tremendous changes with the inception of new technologies. From preschools to research institutions, solutions to contemporary education challenges are increasingly tangled and stakes have never been higher. Even institutions with previously impregnable reputations are challenged to be agile and responsive.

We help educational institutions and companies offering academia, to rise and shine in new and meaningful ways. Learners, parents, alumni and stakeholders are giving more importance to 360 degree relationships instead of siloed communication. Our education specialists know this well and that is why they are serving education institutions across the globe to find their voice, and navigate in new and meaningful ways.

Lifestyle & Fashion

Visibility plays a crucial role in the growth of any brand and lifestyle brands need it the most. The representation and recognition of a specific brand gives it a wider spectrum to reach out to a substantial audience. It is very important for a lifestyle brand to promote its product in a proper manner so that it attracts it’s prospective customers.

Building up relationships with consumers is a slow process which is required to be followed up by constant communication. Public relation professionals are the one who provide these channels of communications. There are ample PR firms that specialize in Lifestyle brands, but Stack is one of the premier advisory agencies for lifestyle, luxury and fashion industries with extensive experience in the segment. Our focus is to create such lifestyle Public Relations Programs that would capture the eye of the consumers and sway their taste.


The landscape of travel has been evolved with a new breed of travelers that focus heavily on technology for almost everything: from searching for a flight and booking a holiday to sharing their travel experiences. Digitization has led to online travel agencies, websites, travel aggregators and mobile applications, all such outcomes are fighting for travellers’ attention and money.

We are here to bring a wide network of media relationships to the travel industry that will enable us in anticipating trends. We bring immeasurable resources to bear in consumer marketing, online and traditional media services, entertainment integration and crisis communications to assist brands solve marketing challenges. Our team has a strategic combination of expertise in digital innovation, consumer branding, and media savvy within the travel arena.


For start-ups, Stack has a specialized brand solutions and communications advisory. We work diligently as specialized communication and media relation partners for new businesses. It is not impossible for any start-up to rise and shine if it has an amazing piece of technology, strategy and a company backstory. However, it is prominent to plan strategically for the future. Doing so will let a start-up grow and garner a reputation over time. We assist our clients in setting up their agendas, scaling communications, and transit from start-ups to enduring global brands.

Start-ups can meet their business expectations via public relations strategies. We at Stack, make sure that we carry their conversation with as many audiences as possible. We keep their community and key media players up to date in order to increase its appearance.


Technology has driven many of the world’s greatest innovations and touched almost every aspect of our lives. Some organizations invent, while others sell. Nearly all the businesses and organizations rely on technology for its working.

The technological advancements in recent years such as, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are igniting discovery and innovation on a global scale. In this environment of radical change, it is very essential to choose the right communication partner. We help our clients to transform their business through strategic communication programs and creative story tellings.